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Judi James told Mail Online the couple look 'so in love' in the three new official royal portraits viewers might fell like they're 'intruding' on a private moment and there is 'high levels of sexual attraction'.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have today released their official engagement portraits taken at Frogmore House,and they come as a stark contrast from those released of Prince William and Kate of their engagement in 2010.

The president's daughter is raking in acclaim from Republican lawmakers who say her lobbying was critical to the approval of the GOP's tax cut package. Bob Corker said Thursday on Fox & Friends that Ivanka Trump 'deserves a lot of credit' for the legislation's passage. Tim Scott name-checked her Wednesday during the White House celebration that followed final approval of the bill that doubles the child tax credit.

Renewed interest in what has become known as the Uranium One deal threatens to embroil Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose personal fortunes and family foundation were enriched by people tied to the transaction.

The women, including retired mezzo-soprano Paula Rasmussen (left) and Sylvia Mc Nair (center) accuse the 81-year-old artistic director and principal conductor of London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of sexual misconduct on the sidelines of rehearsals and performances in five cities - Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Saratoga Springs, New York.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen arriving at Barry and Honey (left) Sherman's memorial in Toronto on Thursday morning.

The first daughter is now being credited with playing a significant role in passing the reform.

The Afghan immigrant who ploughed into crowds pedestrians outside Melbourne's Flinders Street train station on Thursday was known to police.

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The refreshingly warm photographs taken at Frogmore House, a private royal residence in the grounds of Windsor Castle, will be welcomed as a contrast to many of the more formal royal engagement portraits of the past.

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