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Roosh v dating skills review

If you ever wanted a step by step guide to a first date then this section of Bang is exactly what you are looking for.Roosh goes into different ways to escalate on a date including using “the strawberry game”. You’ve approached a woman, gotten her number, and successfully scheduled a date.

When it really comes down to it internal game (i.e.Bang covers (among other things) picking up women in bars and nightclubs.It has a simple layout and is broken down into five parts respectively internal game, early game, middle game, late game, and end game.Roosh breaks down everything to do on a first date to a very micro level (seems like that degree in microbiology paid off).He talks about every little nuance that you could possible encounter and what to do.

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Trust me being stuck in a cubicle all day and sometimes you forget what a pretty girl looks like.

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