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If you don’t have kids, you shouldn’t be on the site.” Heather Wellman, a 38-year-old office manager from Harbor City, Calif., says she, too, has encountered date crashers on the site, Sugar Daddy For, which matches “affluent, caring, and generous” mature men with women who “want to be pampered.” “When they say they’re a sugar daddy, it basically means they’ve got a successful business, that they’re established, that they’re able to treat you to a privileged lifestyle,” she says.“But I’ve had people post profiles saying they’re sugar daddies and when I actually e-mailed them, they say, ‘I have a confession to make.

But if someone says, ‘Gee, I wonder what’s going on over there,’ and changes one thing on their profile to check out another community, I don’t see anything wrong with it.“I thought, ‘Life would be easier, but I can’t be that girl.’” How does a self-confessed date crasher feel about people who pose as something they’re not?“It’s like taking the normal level of misrepresentation to the next level,” says Grant.I’m not really a sugar daddy.’” She’s also had date crashers try to bluff their way through a date.“One gentleman said he was a very successful personal trainer but when we met at his apartment, there was no furniture,” she says.

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JDate has been crashed by so many non-Jews over the years, it’s prompted stories in both the New York Times and “But I started getting e-mails from men who had never been married and never had kids,” she says. They’re my brothers’ kids.’” Rimasse says she was offended by people posting pictures of themselves with “fake kids” and felt like she’d wasted her money. “One guy had pictures of these little girls and then he said they were his goddaughters.