Muslim dating sites like qiran

Posted by / 12-Jun-2018 14:27

For example, this video of a female Muslim 'scholar' saying that men can have sex with female prisoners of war to ‘humiliate’ them has been shared widely on right-wing news sites and social media.This narrative has been spread in the wake of recent sexual assault allegations in Cologne and reports of Isis fighters raping and selling sex slaves. They tend to share pretty much the same language, online content and perpetuate the same awful narratives about Muslims and their supposed religious practices.As time wears on I’m starting to see these similarities are unavoidable – particularly online where it is rife.

Islamic texts do not promote rape and do not encourage slavery.

In any case, marriage was encouraged (Chapter ) with slaves.

In fact, slavery was never endorsed by Islamic texts; rather it was something inherited from pre-Islamic cultures (pre-600s) that needed to be voluntarily and gradually weeded out of society through manumission, which was highly encouraged (Chapters -33 & ).

We must therefore all be united in spreading light on the matter through proper understanding, not further ignorance and bigotry.

This ignorance only plays into the hands of groups like Isis or Islamophobes, who have a vested interest in burying the truth of the Quran and pushing their own agendas instead.

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