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After almost eight years of dating, our wedding was a week away. Clanging bottles and two loudmouth New Yorkers interrupted the peace. “This should last us till at least Tuesday,” added Andrew, other groomsman, who added a case of beer and a couple bottles of liquor to the mix. Luke and Justina poured out of Bev Mo with more beer in hand.“This ought to get us started,” Luke said as he loaded his beer in the last available floor space of the Sprinter’s massive cargo area. We had 19 people coming to stay with us in our rented house the week leading up to the wedding—surely this much alcohol would last longer than three days. ” Justina yelled, snapping me out of my train of thought.That night, Elayna, Justina, and I made another run to Reno, this time to pick up Elayna’s bridesmaid Marissa.The three girls let me play chauffeur, the three of them sitting in the second row while I drove.Finally, saying “beach” had her clumsily leaping into the van.We arrived at the lake a few minutes later, and Brooklyn and Rex piled out of the Sprinter and went running toward Lake Tahoe’s shallow waters.The Sprinter 4×4 happily ate up mile after mile at its governed top speed of 84 mph.Its suspension easily absorbed the freeway’s expansion joints as Elayna, Rex in her arms in the passenger seat, slept soundly most of the trip.

Truth be told, I was not looking forward to the three-hour round trip.Brooklyn, like me, had her head on a swivel, taking in the scenery as we drove by.She was eager for the rare fuel break so she could stretch her legs.“We’re van people now,” I said to Elayna, my soon-to-be wife, as we sat in the parking lot of South Lake Tahoe’s only Bev Mo.She absentmindedly stroked Brooklyn, our lab-cattle dog mix, on the head, smiled, and nodded.

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I was informed along the way that we needed to be a licensed business to purchase flowers from this place. “Uh, well actually, it’s my own company.” “Well, what’s it called? I contract out myself, and the van out to companies to haul … Like Uber, but vans.”In attempt to hide from the detective’s questioning, I opened the cargo doors in the hopes she’d forget I existed. I took it off-road once up in British Columbia, Canada, and it was awesome.” “Oh my gosh, I’m from B. ” I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I loaded up, listening to her stories about her childhood in British Columbia.

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