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So open conversations can bring it back to normal really quickly.

In addition to your parents, I hope you will also ask other adults in your life (teachers, church leaders, aunts) for open conversations about sex.

The same thing is true for so many of life’s experiences, so it’s not just a sex thing.

Just know that no matter how much you know ahead of time, there will still be plenty of things to learn even after you start having sex.

Saying “sex” in seminary is almost like a bad word.

We also talked about the sex education in Utah which is definitely lacking and most parents don’t supplement their kids sex education in the home.

2) Sex has to be learned, it’s not like breathing or blinking.

And trying to help them avoid feeling uncomfortable should not be the priority; you getting the information and knowledge you need is the priority.

Unfortunately until today I thought that was the same definition of sex.

Before I go on I want to add that I have a normal family and very normal parents.

How can I open up a conversation about sex with my parents? As a parent is it difficult to talk about this with your kids?

Do you have any recommendations for basic resources/literature? As mentioned before I really do appreciate your approach to motherhood especially regarding tricky subjects such as this.

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I’ve had sex thousands of times and I’m still learning stuff (there’s always some new trend or new term I’ve never heard of before).

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