Free hr chat

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Free hr chat

It has 1-on-1 messaging, group chat, employee directory, leave statuses, and Kudos for rewards that motivate and show appreciation for the achievements of co-workers. It’s free to sign up with apps for i OS and Android devices.

People is part of HR Cloud which has HR-tailored apps for employee engagement, recognition, business social networks and a company directory!

When you’re sure that Staff Squared is the affordable and powerful HR software solution for you and your team, we’ll get you setup, including adding all your staff details and as much support as you need, completely free of charge! Sometimes bad HR software is actually worse than no HR software!

We know that you don’t want to make another bad choice in HR software so you’ll find lots of information on our website about why Staff Squared is the best system for small and medium businesses. If you have any further questions or would like a demonstration we’d be delighted to arrange a demo for you.

If you would like a helping hand, including as much free support as you could ever possibly need (and trust us, you won’t need very much - Staff Squared is super easy) just drop us a line.

Transform employee engagement and help your employees reach their full potential with a platform for employee success.

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We want to do everything we can to make switching providers as easy as possible, so all you have to worry about is working out what you’re going to do with all your extra free time at work!

App Cloud gives you the power to build apps and automate everything from interview tracking and employee referrals, to onboarding and feedback.

Workmates is an employee recognition, collaboration, and engagement platform.

We also provide integrated payroll, background check solutions, applicant tracking systems and performance management solutions.

HR Cloud has been a great resource for our Company.

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Read more about absence management Staff Squared allows you to easily keep track of holidays, sick days, meetings, probations and all that good stuff.

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