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It has been suggested that dēaw refers to the town's proximity to the water of the River Calder.Historically other origins were proposed, such as "God's fort", from Welsh Duw, "God".It lies by the River Calder and an arm of the Calder and Hebble Navigation.Historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, after undergoing a period of major growth in the 19th century as a mill town, Dewsbury went through a period of decline.In the early 19th century, Dewsbury was a centre of Luddite opposition to mechanisation in which workers retaliated against the mill owners who installed textile machinery and smashed the machines which threatened their way of life.In the 1830s, Dewsbury was a centre of Chartist agitation.Dewsbury is the largest town in the Heavy Woollen District, a conurbation of small mill towns.The Domesday Book of 1086 records the name as Deusberie, Deusberia, Deusbereia, or Deubire, literally "Dewi's fort", Dewi being an old Welsh name (equivalent to David) and "bury" coming from the old English word "burh", meaning fort.

Presumably it was fired to reassure that all was well.More recently there has been redevelopment of derelict mills into flats, and regenerating of city areas.According to the 2011 census the Dewsbury urban sub-area had a population of 62,945.In August 1838, after a speech by Chartist leader Feargus O'Connor, a mob of between five and seven thousand people besieged the Dewsbury Poor Law Guardians in the town's Royal Hotel. Trouble flared in 1840 when radical agitators seized control of the town, and troops were stationed to maintain order.This radical tradition left a legacy in the town's political life, its first elected MP in 1867 was John Simon, a Jewish lawyer from Jamaica and a Liberal.

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The tower houses "Black Tom", a bell which is rung each Christmas Eve, one toll for each year since Christ's birth, known as the "Devil's Knell", a tradition dating from the 15th century.

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