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And as the New York Times puts it – we’ve been “perfecting the art” of weaponizing their own words against them ever since.The deplorable bunch in Hollywood is bigger in number than many think, but bullying tactics and blacklist fears have kept most in the closet.It’s a blank, expressionless stare, eyes glazed over, mouth slightly open – and all of this locked in position for a beat too long. Once this juicy morsel of info is acquired by the “wrong” person, they become Donald Sutherland in the final frames of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.The level of disdain towards conservatives needs to be experienced firsthand to truly be appreciated. My wife and I have Hollywood homies, incredible mentors for our daughter, and regularly interact with “celebrities” who all happen to be tolerant liberals. But like citing Fox News as proof that liberals don’t dominate the media, these exceptions prove the rule.Instead of confronting Hollywood's biggest "open secret" of systemic moral decay, Tinseltown's elite have chosen to exhibit disdain for everyday Americans through brutal mockery and relentless attacks on their beliefs.Wrapped in scandal and historic box office lows, something brand new is happening to Hollywood…it appears Americans have had enough. Tinseltown Travelogue is a three-part series exploring Hollywood's stunning hypocrisy and institutionalized bigotry.Being of Mexican descent, my wife likes to say that we were initially shielded from knee-jerk bigotry by our brown cards.

That’s me above – nine months pregnant at a 2007 “Young Hollywood” fundraiser at director Brett Ratner’s mansion.

Nevertheless, success in its sister industries makes rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite inevitable. The most unhinged voices in this liberal colony think we’re the worst scum imaginable – an idiotic, deplorable, irredeemable, unwashed clan they call right-wingers.

Thankfully, many of us could give two fucks what they think.

I identified liberal, but was quickly discovering my inner rightwing self. My friends in Middle America think they know this already.

I’d been red pilled, and it forced my eyes open to a widely held, deeply rooted Tinseltown sentiment. Kathy Griffin beheadings, Snoop Dogg’s assassination porn, and every allegedly funny late night talk show host prove this nightly.

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At times I’ve flirted with Tinseltown – if you count dancing on American Bandstand, writing some unfunny jokes for Sarah Silverman and Tracey Morgan, producing a Questlove documentary, and hiring a shit ton of celebs to hype projects.

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