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Then it seemed to go to 7:1 and now it seems to be about 10:1 or 12:1.

(Yes, you could take a hotel shuttle there but people rarely do.) So consider including the Embassy Suites, Marriott Gaslamp or Westin Gaslamp as one of your choices on Hotel Day.Creative workshops are liberally sprinkled through all four days. You'll need to stand in line to pick up your badge AND to get into big panels, and unless you have a pre-badged friend holding your spot in the Hall H line, you can't do both at once.So if you really want to see Saturday's Ballroom 20 panels, buy Friday as well.However, the other Gaslamp hotels can make even more sense and involve less walking.You can take a shuttle to and from the Con, then do hardly any walking at all for your Gaslamp dinners and bar-crawling.

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